High-quality infrastructure services.


Cloud based web application hosting

We're providing professional solutions for maintaining cost-effective private-cloud based web applications. Besides of the low -or even non-existent- implementation costs, we're able to design and build secure, scalable cloud based environments with predictable cash-flow from start-ups to enterprises.

Incubation, consultancy

One of our main activities is consultancy or start-up incubation. We're trying to help companies and developer teams to be able to achieve a long-term, sustainable IT increase. Accordingly, we're providing extended audit services from basic load testing to advanced business workflow discovery, to be able to create the most problem-free interaction between the IT systems and the present workflow what can help the progression of the company. Our primary goal is finding and implementing the most optimal solution available.

IT infrastructure implementation

Considering different requirements, we're implementing more conventional and traditional environments also, even if it is a physical or hybrid configuration. We're managing the projects comprehensively, so we're handling the procurement or even the financing processes as well. All of our projects customized to our partner's exact needs, offering the most appropriate solution for them.

Outsourcing, Sysadmin services

Beside server infrastructure support, our experienced team also offers client Helpdesk service as well. Our all-around user support implies company fleet-management, or any IT related custom requests, which makes the business workflow more fluid. Our knowledge base represents several years of experience supporting small, medium or even enterprise grade companies as well. Our service is cost-effective also, as it is free from holiday and sick-leaves, there are no employee contributions, and it offers enterprise support-workflow.

It’s important to note, that we’re providing application support as well in conjunction with our web application hosting service. This allows us to offer user-side frontline Helpdesk support to our partner’s customized web-based or other services. It includes Helpdesk agents, callcenter features, continuous trainings extending with developer communications. We can organize custom time-zone, location independent call-center solutions also.

We guarantee the quality of our services provided to our partners in all cases. Our custom SLA-based contracts ensure the business continuity and the high availability of the critical components. If required, we can provide 24/7 support or even creating customized packages also.


About us

We, at Eldacon are believing in is a trust based, client oriented service. The most important for us -besides of the highest technology knowledge- is the continuous partner-communication, so we can offer the optimal solutions for our customers. We are thinking in high-availability systems and building the most scalable and cost effective infrastructures in this vision.

Our colleagues are well trained and experienced, with wide competencies and knowledge. Our business workflows are built upon this, ensuring our customers this knowledge base which provides a unique and comprehensive solution portfolio.

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András Balassa


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